- The tasks and work processes will be planned in such a way that the safety distance established by the health authorities is guaranteed; The arrangement of workstations, the organization of the movement of people and the distribution of spaces (furniture, shelves, corridors, etc.) in the workplace must be adapted if necessary.
- Rules will be established for the use of the facilities in which the work is carried out and the shared spaces to maintain the safety distance (eg in elevators, dining rooms, accesses and common areas, changing rooms).
- Ventilation will be carried out, at least daily and more frequently whenever possible, in the different areas of the establishment.
- Trained personnel.

- The staff of the flooring and cleaning area will not agree to provide service in the rooms while the client remains inside, except for just cause.
- Gloves and masks will be discarded depending on their useful life and the conditions in which they are used.

- The maximum capacity of the reception area will be determined and the necessary measures will be established to ensure the distance between clients and employees.
- In the reception and reception area there will be a disinfectant solution at all times.
- The minimum safety distance between clients will be ensured by visibly fixing distance markers to avoid crowding.
- The counters will be cleaned and disinfected every 2 hours, and considering the greater or lesser influx of customers.

- A type of service will be chosen that will aim to reduce handling and customer intervention to prevent the risk of contagion.
- All the elements and equipment in common use (cruets, salt cellars, oil cans, beverage machines, sugar cubes, etc.) will be for individual use.

- The hotel will determine the capacity of the different common spaces.
- The hotel will have a disinfectant solution in places of passage and in those facilities that are intensively used by clients.
- The establishment will ensure that customers respect safety distances.
- The paper, gel and soap dispensers will be cleaned periodically, according to the level of use.
- The establishment will pay special attention to the cleaning and disinfection of common use areas.

- Increased cleaning and brushing frequencies, especially in the areas of greatest contact.
- Daily ventilation / aeration of common use areas where there have been customers.
- Cleaning of surfaces with disinfecting products.
- The use of disinfecting cleaning products safely, for example, freshly prepared bleach dilution.
- The cleaning of rooms in safety conditions.